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Making Halloween Costume Part II

Written by Paulo Martirez on Thursday, October 25, 2007

As promised on my previous post, here's the completion of my halloween special:

Fake blood:
• 2-1/2 tablespoons water
• 60-70 drops of red food coloring
• 10-15 drops yellow food coloring
• 2-3 drops blue food coloring
• 5-1/2 tablespoons’ white corn syrup.

Mix all of the food coloring and water together. Slowly stir in the corn syrup until the mixture is thick and resembles the consistency of blood.

Fake Skin:
• 8 TBS. flour
• 5 TBS. warm water

Mix together the flour and water until it becomes a dough like mixture. Face makeup or face paint can be applied to this once it has dried.

Face Paint:
• One tsp. corn starch
• 1/2 tsp. water
• 1/2 tsp. hand lotion or face cream
• Food coloring

Mix all of the above ingredients together.

Fake Scar Tissue:
• 1 Tbsp. un flavored Gelatin
• A few drops of hot water

Mix together to make a paste. Apply to skin to resemble drooping flesh and then powder it with a thick layer of baby powder. Add color with face paint after it has been applied to the skin.

Mummy Costume:
Soak one roll of 2" gauze in diluted tea. Let dry, and then get your gauze dirty. Wearing white or skin colored clothes underneath the gauze. Wear light-colored makeup wherever your skin will show through, then make it look rotting by smudging some dark make-up around your eyes, the mouth, along your fingers, under your nails, etc. You can add some scars and a little blood. Powder everything heavily with baby powder to give a dried, dead look. Wrap each body part separately, securing ends with white or clear medical tape.


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