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Making Halloween Costumes

Written by Paulo Martirez on Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween is approaching! And a great way to spend this time of the year is to make a homemade halloween costume. Are you planning to attend a halloween party but don't have any idea how to make your costume. We'll here are some you can make yourself:

Tired Housewife Costume

Put your hair up in rollers haphazardly, leaving a few strands of hair hanging out. Wear some light gray/green face makeup, and put on some old gaudy pajamas. Wear some black socks with a hole in them, ratty slippers and a dirty bathrobe. Put a TV Guide, a remote control, and a grocery list stained with coffee hanging out of your robe pocket. Carry a dirty spatula, and have a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, and use brown eyeshadow under your eyes to make bags.

Road Kill/Speed Bump Costume

• One set of bright yellow or white sweat clothes
• One spare tire
• Black paint
• Optional (Homemade blood) Only for the white sweat clothes/road kill costume
• Paint brush (optional)

Lay the sweat clothes flat on the ground outside. Cover the tread on the tire with black paint, and roll the tire over the sweat clothes. If using the white sweat clothes, take a paint brush and dip it into the blood and splat the white sweat clothes for the bloody effect. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Human Skeleton Costume

• One set of black sweat clothes
• One cardboard skeleton decoration
• Tape
• White gloves
• White shoes
• White and black makeup or face paint
• Scissors

Cut the cardboard skeleton decoration and tape each individual bone to the appropriate part of the body on the sweat clothes. Make up your face to look like a skeleton. Wear white gloves and shoes.

Box of Popcorn Costume

• One oblong cardboard box
• White & yellow balloons
• Red & white paint
• White sweat clothes
• One Baseball or knit cap
• Cotton balls
• Glue (White or spray glue)

Cut out holes for your legs and arms. Paint the box with vertical red & white stripes. Paint the word popcorn on the box. Let dry. Glue cotton balls to the hat to simulate popcorn. Climb in the box. Stuff it full with the popcorn balloons. For a fuller appearance you can glue the balloons together at the top of the box around you.

Static Cling Costume

• One solid white garment, sweat clothes are great
• socks
• underwear
• bras
• dryer sheets
• hair spray

Pin or tape the socks, underwear, bras, and dryer sheets to your white garment. Hair spray your hair upside down so that it stands up for that static cling look.

Cereal Killer Costume

• Several small cereal boxes
• Plastic knives
• red paint
• glue

Tape small cereal boxes to a solid colored garment, preferably black. Cut small slices in the cereal boxes and glue plastic knives into the slits. Drip red paint so that it runs from the knives coming out of the boxes.

Coming Up On My Next Post .....

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