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Making Homemade Pepper Spray

Written by Paulo Martirez on Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pepper spray is an effective self-defense in times of unexpected danger but it is quiet expensive in the market. So I researched for a homemade pepper spray and here is what I found:

• A small cup of Black Pepper
• Fresh curry leaves
• A cup of mineral water
• Salt & Ajinomoto
• 1/4 cups corn flour
• Recycle any small spray bottle

1) Crush the pepper and curry leaves in a mortar.
2) Mix a water with a corn flour.
3) Put the pepper in.
4) Add salt and ajinomoto for a flavor. Gently Stir it frequently.
5) Let it stand for about 24 hours in a refrigerator.
6)Take a recycle spray bottle and clean it very good. Put the complete pepper mix in the spray bottle.

This recipe makes for 1 bottle only.

IMPORTANT: Remember, spraying a pepper spray to an innocent victim in the face can be a crime. Therefore, I am not responsible for any liability or damages resulting from the use of this ideas to human being. An ideal use for this homemade pepper spray is to kill cockroaches and other insects.

There are a number of cases where people are being killed because of a pepper spray. And in some countries, pepper spray is classed as an offensive weapon. The sale and possession of pepper spray itself is illegal. Also you can't carry any pepper spray on an airplane or in carry-on luggage.

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