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Advantage Of Moving In A Suburb Area

Written by Paulo Martirez on Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This morning, I read about this news from MoneyMagic that a growing number of people are now moving out of London and into more suburban areas like Sussex and parts of Surrey in search for a more quality way of life. Main reason for this is that people are taking advantage of the cheaper house prices in these areas which means cheaper mortgages and they are thinking that moving to these areas is what's best and economical nowadays.

According to Savills, a global estate agent, statistics reveal that commuter levels into the capital are rising as they move out of the center. Well, this is very much realistic considering the fact that people have to travel an extra minute from these suburban areas back into the capital to work or do what they need to do.

Having a home outside of the city like London can really adds up an improvement in your quality of life. Not only that, you also find an extra kind of peacefulness without the hassles of the city life. Properties from outside of a main city are more cheaper which enables people to buy a more beautiful bigger house, more open surroundings and a more sense of privacy.

Statistics also reveal that ...."for every extra minute travel, that knocks £1,000 off the average house price. It is £1,000 cheaper but you have to travel for an extra minute for this, effectively." Well my opinion to this is that, it is a good trade-off.

Why think of the extra minute that you have to travel when this will give you the opportunity to buy a more bigger property, right?

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