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Buzzfuse: A Unique Way To Market Your Content

Written by Paulo Martirez on Saturday, February 02, 2008

I just signed up with Buzzfuse, a content marketing system that helps bloggers or other content creators to market their content or works and help other people find them.

It's very easy to sign up with Buzzfuse and the great thing about it is that it's absolutely FREE. At first you will be asked for your email address and you need to confirm that email to be able to continue to the registration process. During the registration process, you will be asked to add your contacts to invite in your circle of friends. This way, you will instantly get your first avid readers of your content.

After your registration, you then now can add your contents, whether it's a blog article or a web page, a photo, a video or audio, or a flash media. In this process, a widget needs to be included in your chosen article to be able to publish into the Buzzfuse system.

Once you have correctly placed into your page or content. This will show up and display some informations such as number of comments and your article's score in the Buzzfuse network.

Buzzfuse is really doing the job of bringing traffic to any blogs or website. Their system is very unique. It really expands your reach and deepening your interaction with your readers or audiences. Another good thing about Buzzfuse is that you will be updated about the status of your contents because you are provided with reports that will help you understand the performance of your content in the market.

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