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A Kids Gift For Their Moms This Valentine

Written by Paulo Martirez on Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hi, Kids! Still thinking of a great valentine gift for your mom? Well think no more coz' here is my idea for you. This Valentine's Day scroll is sure to make you look twice to find out! Make this pretty keepsake as a gift from the heart for your mother, grandmother or aunt on Valentine's Day.

Materials Needed:
• Acrylic paint (red, 2 greens and gold)
• child's hands
• canvas or construction paper
• red ribbon
• gold or red marker
• makeup sponge
• paint brush

1. Brush red craft paint on your child's hands, one at a time, and press on the paper. Repeat with the other hand. Paint on simple leaves and stems - you don't have to be picture perfect!

2. With the makeup sponge and gold paint, sponge gold highlights around the edge of the picture.

3. Write a personal message in red or gold marker. Here, we put "I love you Mom" but you can write whatever you like, wherever there is space.

4. Let the picture dry, then roll up and tie the red ribbon around it like a scroll. Hand deliver your Valentine scroll. Later, you (or Mom) can place it in a glass frame to save forever.

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