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Homemade Hair Body Wax

Written by Paulo Martirez on Friday, March 07, 2008

The name body wax is right, this recipe can be used as a leg and eyebrow wax, upper lip wax. You could also use it on your arms.

Honey Based Body Wax

• 7oz of honey
• 7oz of sugar
• Freshly sqeezed juice of 1/2 lemon

You will also need:
a pan and tablespoon, preferably wooden spoon and
cloth strips which you can make out of an old shirt (cotton) or simply buy them at the pharmacy store.

1. Start out by caramelazing sugar. Set the temperature on medium high.
2. Stir sugar until it starts bubbling.
3. The color you are looking for is gold, that will indicate the sugar is ready and melted.
4. Proceed by adding honey and lemon juice, stirring the whole time.
5. When the mix is melted, drop the mass on a clean cotton towel.
6. Knead the mass until it becomes golden yellow.

This is where it becomes tricky. This body wax mix tends to harden quickly and you need to do something to keep it soft so you can mold it and apply on the skin. Unless you don't mind, you could use some saliva. It has enzymes that will break the honey and sugar and keep it moist and soft. Another option, is to prepare a small bowl and fill it up with hot water. Don't use it too hot, you might burn yourself, only hot enough so that you can use it. Then....

7. Spread the mix on your legs, place the cotton strip over it (make sure it adheres), count to 3 and pull!
8. Always pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. This way, you will pull out the hair together with its root, which is the point of waxing.
9. Use short strokes until you get used to doing it, then you can start using long strokes.
10. To wash off the stickiness, simply rinse your legs with warm water.
Some women get so good in doing this, that they actually make strips out of this mass and have no need to use the cotton strips. For beginners, follow the above instructions.

If you prefer to make the mix so it is more liquid and that you can spread using a wooden stick, add more water while it is still melting. Make sure that the consistency is not too thick nor too liquid, it should be similar to pancake batter.

As mentioned, it might take you some time to get a hold of it, and it might happen that the mix hardens while you are still waxing. No problem! Either dip your fingers in hot water you already prepared and mold it until it softens, or return it to the stove and cook until it melts again.

On to the next body wax that unlike the first one, uses beeswax but doesn't require as much preparation.

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