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My Success Story With PayPerPost

Written by Paulo Martirez on Sunday, March 16, 2008

As part of my goal to earn extra income online, I joined PayPerPost about three months ago. It's a get paid to blog website that offers bloggers an extra income by reviewing a particular product or website and posting it into their blog.

At first, my blog was rejected due to some issue but after resolving the issue, it finally got accepted.

My Beginning

During the first few months of my blogging addiction, I am already noticing the banners and icon advertisements of other blogs about PayPerPost but I repeatedly ignored them. To my curiosity, I joined and at first, I thought that this is just another money making program available in the internet and that it would be possible to make an income out of it.

After trying out making some posts, I proved myself wrong. PayPerPost provided me since then with more review opportunities compare to other similar paid posting program.

Features I Like

Aside from paying you with real money, one great thing about PayPerPost is that they approved your post very quick. Just like yesterday, I finished two reviews and today I received a confirmation from PayPerPost that my posts are approved.

A Good Blessing

Now, I could say that joining PayPerPost is one of the great blessing for me since I began my journey into gaining success online. My earnings from this website have enabled me to buy my own hosting and own my domain names for my other blogs. Right now, I am saving some of my earnings for my future.

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