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Homemade Fire Extinguisher

Written by Paulo Martirez on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fire breakout can happen at your most unexpected time. And your first line of weapon to fight out the fire is by reaching out for a bucket of water. Fire extinguishers are handy but what about those who can't afford to keep one?

Here is an alternative... A homemade fire extinguisher!

To make your very own fire fighting solution. You will need the following:

• 20 lb common salt
• 10 lb sal ammoniac
• 7 gal. of water
• thin glass bottles

You think its hard to make? Guess again, below are the simple procedures:

1. Dissolve the 20 lb of common salt and 10 lb of sal ammoniac in the 7 gal. of water.

2. Pour the solution in the thin glass bottles, cork tightly and seal to prevent evaporation.

3. Your done!

Now if in case a fire broke out, just throw the solution filled bottles directly or near the flame. Or for small cases, just break off the neck of the bottle and scatter the content on the fire.

For larger fires, it is still necessary to seek a help from the fire station.

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