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My Family's Simple Ways To Overcome Economic Crisis

Written by Paulo Martirez on Saturday, November 08, 2008

The effect of the current economic crisis worldwide is very hard. Prices of commodities are increasing over time coupled with the increases in the transportation fair. Prices of services like electricity and water also relatively risen over the last few months.

It's really a tough time for now. But this can be overcome with proper spending and wise thinking. I have some of the ways me and my family are doing to cut some of our spendings.

1. Only buy cheap but quality products

Most of us always think that products made from other countries are much higher in quality. But what most of us don't know is that some of those products are only made locally. Being luxuriuos isn't always good as it gets. You are just buying the brand and not the product itself.

2. Switch to flourescent bulbs

This is very advisable as incandescent bulbs eats up more electricity than the flourescent bulbs. Its not only that its much more economical but also much more brighter than the incandescent bulbs. And of course, switch off any lights which are not necessary or not in use.

3. Conserve water

How many times I have heard or read this line over the years. When taking a shower, washing dishes, or washing car, use a bucket and a dipper to do the water supply.

4. Walk if you can

I have my own bicycle so I take if for a ride when I need to go on a short distance. I am not only saving money but I am also giving myself a good exercise.

5. Have a lunch box

When I was working, as much as possible I have my lunch with me. This is to avoid spending so much money eating out on fastfoods or restaurants.

As for my family's other spendings like for personal stuffs. We always make sure we are buying the cheapest but of course quality brands.

Let's take for example the eyeglasses of Zenni Optical which are offering the best but cheapest eyeglasses. They will really help in cutting down the eyeglass expense. Where the saved money could be used for other things.

Their products are of high quality but in a lower price. The reason for this is that, Zenni Optical only sells eyeglass products directly from their factory so there is no middleman involved that would add up in the price.

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