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How To Select Floor Tile

Written by Paulo Martirez on Saturday, December 15, 2012

Choosing the right tile for your floor is not as you think. There are a number of factors you should look into before settling for what you think is the perfect tile for your floor.

Tip #1 - Determine the floor to tile

Once you determined the floor you wish to tile, next step is to identify how the floor will be used. For kitchen and bath for example, you may want to settle for kitchen and bath tile that has a slight raised pattern, or texture to it so its not too slippery for walking.

Play room floor will likely experience a lot of jumping, running, hitting, and bouncing so you may need to look for the more durable tiles.

Tip #2 - Decide the type of tile

Depending on your room's specific requirements, you can choose to use tiles that are made of bricks, concrete, ceramic, cork, glass, mosaic, peel and stick, porcelain, terra cotta, terrazzo, and many more.

Tip #3 - Size and color of tile

A lot of tile comes in a standard 12 inch by 12 inch size. There are also small sizes like 10 x 10 inches, or 8 x 8 inches. Afterwards, decide on the color and pattern you want. Please note not all types of tiles come in all colors or patterns.

Tip #4 - Measure the floor

Calculate the number of tiles needed to cover your floor. Be sure to set budget for some extra tiles in case you need to cut or replace damaged tiles.

Tip #5 - Check your budget

Be sure to look at your budget before making final decision to ensure you won't face any problem along the way. Get some estimates and ask for tips from experts.

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